“It’s never too late to retire early”

07 Dec 2020 | Why making this move is the wrong investing strategy

The Never Too Late Investor

“It’s never too late to retire early”

The five most significant threats to the stock market next year

The five most significant threats to the stock market next year
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In just a few weeks, the stock market will close out one of its wildest years on record. Despite all the disruptions and uncertainty that the market has endured this year, the benchmark S&P 500 is on track for a double-digit yearly gain. Dow Jones Industrial Average may finish off the year above 30,000. 

With potentially multiple effective vaccines on the Federal Reserve pledging to keep interest rates at or near historic lows for a minimum of three more years, it would appear that the stars are aligned for equities to thrive next year. 

Despite things looking up for the market, here are the five most significant threats to the stock market in 2021. 

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It’s never too late to start saving,

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