“It’s never too late to retire early”

10 Mar 2021 | Investors should add these blue-chips to their portfolio

The Never Too Late Investor

“It’s never too late to retire early”

Investors should add these blue-chips to their portfolio

Investors should add these blue-chips to their portfolio
Image Source: Motley Fool

If the market’s recent volatility has you worried, know that you are not alone. The next round of stimulus checks will likely be the last. It is still unclear if the economy will be able to stand on its own. This might be the time to dial back your exposure to more aggressive names and ratchet up your exposures to reliable, income-generating stocks. 

Investors looking to play more income-minded defense should start their search with these blue-chip names. These are the best dividend stocks to add to your portfolio, at least until the market settles down.

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