“It’s never too late to retire early”

18 Jan 2021 | You need to buy these stocks for a bull market this year

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“It’s never too late to retire early”

You need to buy these stocks for a bull market this year

You need to buy these stocks for a bull market this year
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Few investors would have predicted the stock market’s astounding 70% rise between the crash of March 2020 and today. It’s incredible what future expectations and low-interest rates can do for an economy. 

Industrial stocks have outperformed the market during plenty of booms before. Additionally, industrials that pay dividends are even better because they generate guaranteed income no matter what the stock market is doing. 

Here are three industrial stocks that offer a balance of growth and income. They are poised to run higher, which makes them good buys for a 2021 bull market.

This is what investing legends are made of

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 Paul Mampilly is a Wall Street legend.

(Barron’s crowned his hedge fund as the “world’s best” and Kiplinger ranked it in the top 1%.)

But a few years ago, he left Wall Street.“I just grew tired of helping the rich get richer,” Paul explains. “So I started sharing my No. 1 investment picks with Main Street Americans.”And his No. 1 stock picks have been phenomenal.

 In 2016, Paul’s No. 1 pick — Tableau Software — shot up 199%.
In 2017, Paul’s No. 1 pick — Foundation Medicine — shot up 524%.
In 2018, Paul’s No. 1 pick — Roku — shot up 393%.
In 2019, Paul’s No. 1 pick — MTech Acquisitions — shot up 332%.

But Paul believes his No. 1 stock pick for 2021 could go even higher. (By clicking this link you will be automatically opted into Bold Profits Daily)

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