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My exclusive Top 5 Watchlist for the week ahead

My exclusive Top 5 Watchlist for the week ahead

News of the Delta variant has taken the wind out of travel stocks. As a result, publicly traded names in the travel sector have either pulled back or plateaued after their strong performance during the “vaccine recovery.”

Governments around the world have started to reinstate lockdowns and social distancing measures. While the U.S. has yet to see a total return to 2020 safety measures, it has begun to take precautions. However, depending on how this latest outbreak plays out, a return to “lockdown mode” in America isn’t strictly off the table.

If you are holding out hope that the Delta variant isn’t going to ruin the “reopening,” these travel stocks look like great opportunities. They are all solid plays to keep on your radar.

Here’s my list for this week:

  1. Bally’s (BALY)
  2. Host Hotels & Resorts (HST)
  3. Southwest Airlines (LUV)
  4. Spirit Airlines (SAVE)
  5. United Airlines (UAL)

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Are any of my Top 5 already on your Watchlist? Reply back and let me know. 

Have an amazing weekend, and stay tuned for Monday morning for our in-depth breakdown of  Bally’s (BALY).

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