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Clearway Energy (CWEN)

Clearway Energy (CWEN)

Clearway Energy makes it easier for consumers and businesses to go green. The company is a developer and operator of renewable energy projects with solar and wind assets in 25 states. CWEN also provides energy storage services. 

Global Infrastructure Partners, one of the world’s largest infrastructure investors managing $71 billion in assets, owns a controlling interest in the company through Clearway Energy Group.

One distinguishing initiative by Clearway is the “community solar” farm, which offers subscriptions to households, small businesses, and commercial customers in exchange for energy credits that lower their utility bills. 

The idea behind these farms is to take the hassle away from folks installing solar panels themselves. Instead, the community shares a solar farm built by Clearway Energy. The company has nearly 100 community solar farms currently operating or under development, including in Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New York.

For larger clients, Clearway Energy builds what it calls “distributed solar,” or solar systems it installs on roofs, carports, and the ground for hospitals, cities, universities, corporations, and others. Clients include Arizona State University, Whole Foods Market, and MGM Resorts International.

Clearway Energy stands out among green energy stocks because of its high 4.9% dividend yield. That’s more than three times better than the 1.4% yield on the S&P 500.

As far as green energy stocks go, the pros are all in on this one. The consensus analyst rating on CWEN is Buy.

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