“It’s never too late to retire early”

How long does it really pay to wait to claim Social Security?

How long does it really pay to wait to claim Social Security?
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You’ll definitely regret delaying social security if this happens

Delaying your claim for Social Security until the age of 70 is often the right financial move. Many financial experts agree it makes sense to wait to get benefits because delaying maximizes monthly income. And for around 60% of seniors, claiming at 70 would also mean getting more lifetime benefits and higher checks each month. 

While this may be sound advice for most people, it’s not necessarily the right advice for every retiree. Depending on your situation, starting your benefits at 70 could end up leaving you faced with a financial disaster that could’ve been avoided had you just claimed benefits earlier. Watch out for this one big red flag that suggests claiming Social Security at 70 could be a huge mistake.

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