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National Retail Properties (NNN)

National Retail Properties (NNN)

National Retail Properties is a strong contender for the remainder of 2021. Bond yields, which started the year in a strong uptrend, have collapsed as of late as investors seem to be less concerned about rising inflation. So falling bond yields mean rising bond prices. And that means solid tailwinds for “bond-like” investments like National Retail Properties.

National Retail Properties isn’t a bond. However, it’s about as close to a bond as you can get in the stock market. As a triple-net landlord, NNN has very little in the way of an actual “business.” The company collects rent from tenants, then recycles that rent into dividends.

And speaking of dividends, National Retail Properties has raised its payout for 31 consecutive years and counting. At current prices, it yields 4.3%.

You’re not going to get rich quickly in National Retail Properties. However, if you’re looking for a steady dividend payer that will keep trucking along no matter what the economy throws at it, National Retail Properties belongs in your portfolio. And with real-economy plays back in vogue, don’t be surprised if this stodgy retail REIT outpaces the market for the remainder of 2021.

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