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Park Lawn Corporation (PLC)

Park Lawn Corporation (PLC)

Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) is the largest publicly traded funeral, cremation company, and cemetery provider in North America. They are the fastest-growing company in their industry. To achieve growth, they focus on acquisitions, organic growth, and they are prepared for the aging baby boomer demographic. Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) offers a unique opportunity to diversify your portfolio, add dividend income, and own a stock with growth potential.

The price per share is currently around $33. The P/E ratio is over 35.43, but this is expected of a company that is focused primarily on growth. Also, it’s slightly cheaper than the overall market P/E right now.

Considering the annual funeral business in the U.S. is around $20 Billion, PLC may have a lot of room to grow its business. Their market capitalization is currently approximately $983 million.

As for the dividends, the dividend yield is modest at 1.38% annually. However, the distribution period is monthly, and they have been consistent with payments.

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