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Sell these explosive stocks before the next market crash

Sell these explosive stocks before the next market crash

The stock market has been soaring to new heights in recent weeks and months, even though the coronavirus persists in some places, the economy hasn’t fully recovered, and stimulus payments are still propping things up. 

All this creates a risk that the market overall could be due for a correction as things get back to normal. Some of the money flowing into it could be cashed out and put back into bonds as interest rates rise or are used for other purposes as spending resumes and people choose to hold less in stocks.

Here are three stocks that I am selling now. Each company’s share prices has more than doubled in the past year, blowing past the S&P 500 and its 35% gains during that time. But with inflated valuations and the possibility of a crash looming, they become riskier as each day passes by.

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