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PPL Corporation (PPL)

PPL Corporation (PPL)

PPL Corporation is a utility holding company working to deliver electricity and natural gas in the US and the UK. It has three segments: UK Regulated, Kentucky Regulated, and Pennsylvania Regulated.

On June 14th, PPL Corporation closed the sale of its utility business in the UK, Western Power Distribution, to National Gride. The company brought in about $10.7 billion through the deal. In addition, it plans to use $6.6 billion to strengthen its balance sheet and bring about more growth opportunities for itself by reducing its debt and investing in renewables. 

In the first quarter of 2021, PPL Corporation had an EPS of $0.28, missing estimates by -$0.36, while its $1.5 billion revenue also missed estimates by $710.3 million. The stock has a forward PE ratio of 11.21 and has gained 1.41% in the past six months and year to date. PPL Corporation has a gross profit margin of 57.9%.

PPL Corporation is a solid dividend stock worth investing in.

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