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Three growth stocks to buy for the next decade

Three growth stocks to buy for the next decade

Saying the stock market’s ride over the first six months of 2021 was wild would be an understatement. It was a reasonably unprecedented phenomenon where retail investors seemingly wrested control of the market away from the monied interests and kept the conversation focused on driving stocks higher.

Yet, the companies singled out for attention haven’t always been of the highest quality. The stocks may have been highly shorted and suitable candidates for a short squeeze, but that often makes them a one-and-done bet. They might go to the moon, but they’re going to be heading back to earth just as fast, if not faster than they rose.

Good growth stocks are those that can ride the wave for years, even decades. As a result, they’ve often been the vehicle of choice for investors looking for the rocket to carry them over the long haul, not just for a joy ride.

If you want to own companies offering the potential for actual, tangible long-term returns on your investment, this trio of growth tech stocks may be for you.

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