“It’s never too late to retire early”

14 Jan 2021 | Three stock picks from the most downloaded apps of last year

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“It’s never too late to retire early”

Three stock picks from the most downloaded apps of last year

Three stock picks from the most downloaded apps of last year
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We spent a lot of time on our smartphones in 2020. With the coronavirus pandemic keeping us indoors and social distanced, we relied on our pocket computers more than ever. Some critical mobile trends accelerated last year. 

App downloads are a sign of adoption, especially as more of our economy moves to mobile devices. Remember, a download typically represents a new user or someone who got a new phone and deliberately opted to download the app again. Both bode well for net user growth. Investors should take a closer look at the trends fueling growth at these companies and evaluate the opportunity to buy their stocks.

One of the world’s best investors is making this claim

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It’s the “End of the Dow” 

Ian King correctly called the 2008 crash… 
A move that sent his hedge fund soaring 1,700% in just two years and lifted King’s name into the “world’s best investor” category.   
But recently, King made an even bolder prediction: the End of the Dow. 
He reveals everything in this new, controversial video presentation.  
In it, you’ll see the real reason America’s favorite stocks … such as Intel, Boeing, and J&J … are crumbling.ix 
It’s shocking.
But more importantly, you’ll see where you should put your money in 2021
“Sadly, most Americans are investing in the wrong place,” King says. “There is a new stock market full of opportunity. The biggest gains are yet to be made.” King even goes on to reveal his No. 1 stock pick for 2021.  

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