“It’s never too late to retire early”

20 Jan 2021 | These stocks might cut their dividends

The Never Too Late Investor

“It’s never too late to retire early”

These stocks might cut their dividends

These stocks might cut their dividends
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Investors should always hold a few high-quality dividend stocks in their portfolios. Income stocks generally aren’t exciting. However, they can generate impressive compound returns over the years via reinvesting dividends and compounding returns. 

Investors should also be wary of companies that could cut their dividends. Here are three currently high-yielding stocks that fit a company’s profile with the potential to cut their dividends. 

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Picture the perfect stock for a moment. (clicking link will opt you on to liberty through wealth free e-letter. Privacy Policy

What would it look like? No doubt it would have hundreds of billions in revenue – more than tech giants like IBM, Facebook, and Google

It would probably be a leader in cutting-edge technology like smartphones, robotics, e-commerce, and medical equipment. 

It would have tens of thousands of unbreakable patents. 

It would pay an enormous dividend. 

It would be on the verge of dozens of blockbuster announcements that would send the stock higher and higher. 

And most of all…  

It would trade ultra-cheap – less than $3. 

It seems crazy that such a stock exists. 

But it does

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