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This company is now worth about $2 trillion. Here’s why that may change

This company is now worth about  trillion. Here’s why that may change

Flowers Foods Inc. (FLO)

Flowers Foods Inc. (FLO)

Flowers Foods produces and sells packaged bakery goods such as pastries and doughnuts. The company’s products are marketed under brand names, including Nature’s Own, Wonder, Tastykake, and Sara Lee. The main markets for its products have been supermarkets, drugstores, or foodservice companies, with the remainder sold to mass merchandisers, discount, and convenience stores, to name a few. 

Flowers Foods is one of those rare companies that thrived during the pandemic. That sets it apart from most. The most recent fiscal year was generally positive for the company. Sales rose 6.5% over the past year. Additionally, the company rewarded its shareholders by increasing its dividend per share by just over 5%. 

Despite all the positives, the net income has decreased by 7.5%. The reason for the declining income can be attributed to benefits under the company’s most extensive pension plan being terminated. 

Flowers Foods is a reasonable bet at the moment. The dividend is sustainable and will support the shares going forward. Shares are reasonably priced at the moment, making the risk of purchase pretty low. The company is recession-proof, which makes this an investment that investors can buy and forget about. Overall, investors could do worse than a 3.3% yield.

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This company is now worth about $2 trillion. Here’s why that may change

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