“It’s never too late to retire early”

Make these moves in your 50s to boost your Social Security benefits

Make these moves in your 50s to boost your Social Security benefits

Even if you manage to retire with a substantial amount of money in retirement savings, you’ll still most likely rely on Social Security to some degree. Maybe those benefits won’t be the only income source you use to pay your bills, but they might enable you to travel or pursue other hobbies you hope to enjoy as a senior.

Now you’ll often hear that to get the most out of Social Security. You’ll need to claim benefits at the right time, as there are benefits and drawbacks to filing at different ages. But while the decision to claim Social Security is one you may not make until you reach your 60s, there are plenty of steps you can take as early as your 50s to get more money out of the program. Here are three key moves worth making.

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