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Strong dividend stocks to buy for market volatility and inflation fears

Strong dividend stocks to buy for market volatility and inflation fears
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The cost of goods continues to climb across a range of areas, with consumer prices up 2.6% in the year ended in March, for the most considerable 12-month increase since August 2018. The Fed and some on Wall Street point out that these elevated prices are compared against the early shock of the coronavirus and are made worse by supply chain setbacks amid the economic reopening. The pent-up demand, mixed with government checks, has amplified the situation. Yet the Fed remains steadfast that inflation will be “transitory” and retreat later this year.

Think how quickly the Nasdaq fell into a correction from its mid-February records, only to climb to new highs in late April. Given this backdrop, investors likely want to remain exposed to the market. Here are three dividend-paying solid stocks that could be solid near-term plays, as well as long-term holds.

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