“It’s never too late to retire early”

Try this four-step process to turn $500 into the cost of a yacht

Try this four-step process to turn 0 into the cost of a yacht

Dreaming of yacht life? Yachts come in a vast range of price points, from $250,000 to $250 million. The higher end of that range is reserved for the world’s richest and highest-income people. However, at the lower end of the range, that’s where the average joe can operate.

You can turn $500 into a yacht, but it takes time and patience. Investing, done right, is a long-term play. Accept that concept and buoy, you can create a lot of wealth over time, even enough to set sail on the retirement of your dreams.

If you have $500 and a few decades of patience, you can save up $500,000 to buy your yacht and set sail. So water you waiting for?

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